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19 July 2024
20 July 2024


Enjoy mild summer evenings on our open-air terrace in a verdant courtyard.

Or treat yourself to a snack or a drink from the vending machine in the lobby, which is available to you 24/7 in order for you to work, watch TV, have a chat, relax and do as you please. Simultaneously you can charge your technical devices at our mobile station in the lobby.

Because it's the little things that count

Lobby with access to patio 24/7 vending machine Drinks & Snacks & More Coin-Washer Dryer…

Better Safe than Sorry

Electronic key system 24/7 reception via telephone Intercom Telephone in every room (Reception, Intercom, Emergency…

Parking lots in building

Please make sure to book a parking lot when you make your room reservation Underground…

Pets are always Welcome

Please make sure to inform us of your pet and to pay the fee when…

Airport Service

THE FASTEST WAY FROM THE AIRPORT You can take one of the taxis on the…